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We work together as an organization and a community to improve practice and access to services.


We realize that we are stronger and can have a broader impact by employing the aid of partners with a shared mission.


Together, we are changing systems and the wellbeing of Iowans.

Human Services Workforce Development

Iowa faces a chronic and near catastrophic shortage of brain health and disability services professionals across the care continuum, most especially entry-level staff.


Chronic staff shortage has impacted the overall wellbeing of agencies, impacting their ability to properly train new staff or support transitions into leadership positions.

Connexus Advocates believes the human services workforce crisis issue is solvable and has created a taskforce framework to address barriers to Iowans having a healthy and reliable human services workforce equipped to support the healing and recovery from brain health conditions, substance use disorders, and ongoing supports for those living with a disability.

The Taskforce framework is outlined in three phases, engaging state and local leaders.

It's an open table to anyone who wants to help create a brighter future for Iowans. 

Take a look at what we're working on. Visit our Workforce Development Page

Iowa Infant and Early Childhood Association

Early relationships, experiences and environments lay the foundation for  health across the lifespan.

The Iowa Association for Infant Early Childhood Mental Health exists to promote optimal social-emotional development of infants, young children and their families by fostering a competent workforce which values nurturing child/caregiver relationships, and promotes community awareness of the importance of early childhood development.

Connexus Advocates supports the work of IAIECMH by facilitating training sessions, certification, board development, and administration of the organization.

Find out Iowa's working to improve wellbeing for our children by visiting the IAIECMH social media page or Early Childhood Iowa.

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