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Education and Awareness

We have a strong history of  partnering with stakeholders, brain health providers, and community leaders to create a system that better meets the needs of children and families. We continue our work building workforce, expanding prevention efforts, and breaking stigma. Contact us to join our mission

Brain Health is Health

Brain health issues and disorders have biological and neurological basis and often can be successfully treated.


Connexus Advocates joins with Brain Health Now℠  to end the stigma surrounding the term “mental illness”. 

Suicide Prevention 

Suicide can affect anyone. Identifying and responding to the signs and symptoms of brain health conditions can save a life.


Our partnership with Your Life Iowa and Mindspring Iowa connect you with a community of support.


Learn what to say when . . . improve brain health literacy in the workplace, and find suicide prevention tools for law enforcement, military veterans, youth and teens on our Suicide Prevention Resource Page.

Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability Provider Network

We partner with a network of professionals supporting adults and children living with brain health conditions, developmental disabilities, or intellectual disabilities.


Our work together ensures continuous improvement of services and expansion of programming where individuals receive the appropriate level of care in the environment that best fits their need. 

Investing in Prevention

We are all at our best when we have strong social connections, access to services, and the ability to recognize early signs and symptoms of a brain health condition.

Our work, in partnership with school districts, businesses, faith communities and advocates builds a trauma-informed healing community.

We support programs like Connections Matter and Mental Health First Aid who help us build the skills we need to cope and thrive.

Visit our Healthier You Resource Page for more information. 

Resources for Schools, Students, and Teachers

We partner with local school districts to bring free resources and training on brain health, social-emotional learning, suicide prevention, and burn-out prevention for students, parents, and staff. 

Contact us to explore opportunities to work together.

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