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Workforce Development Resources

A well trained, supported, inclusive, diverse human services workforce improves quality of care.


We're tackling complex issues facing Iowa's human services workforce crisis through community engagement, data, and the voices of the people providing and receiving care. A diverse cross-section of stakeholders are applying their expertise to removing barriers and creating a clear and direct pathway to rewarding, celebrated careers in human services.

We're always interested in adding voice to the work. Let us know if you'd like to join one of our three primary committee workgroups:

> Building a Human Services Career Pathway in K-12 

> Fortifying Career Development (Apprenticeships, Leadership Development)

> Attracting a Diverse and Qualified Workforce


Our Workforce Taskforce

We've mapped the interconnectedness of education, compensation, organizational culture, federal standards, and community awareness, tying data, outcomes, and lived experience as a benchmark of success. We're engaging a broad array of stakeholders to strengthen sectors most impacting a strong and sustainable human services workforce. Committee members include providers, agency administrators, state agency leaders, advocates, and consumers of services.

Career Pathway Committee

Connecting systems in the K-12 and Community College education systems, leveraging Career and Technical Education standards and certification programs for careers in the Human Service field.  

Career Development Committee

Developing internship and Registered Apprenticeship programs in Human Services.


Integrating Human Services rising leaders into local Leadership Development programs across communities.

Diversifying training delivery and certification models to include online coursework.

Marketing Committee

Improve awareness, visibility, recognition of direct care field professionals.

Create strategies to attract some of the 360,000 Iowans without a high-school equivalency to a rewarding career in the care-providing field.

Workforce Community Conversation 

We've hosted a number of listening sessions to better understand the environmental factors impacting careers in Human Services. By expanding the network of influencers, we're more able to develop quick wins, policy changes, and sustainable practices. The collective courage and quality of our efforts are building momentum and already affecting change. "I appreciate all you are doing for your providers, their staff, and most importantly, for those we all support!" - ID/DD Agency Director "I've been to several meetings on workforce. This one tops the list." - Brain Health Agency Director

Direct Support Professional Survey Results

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